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Filmzeit International in Kempten

In this competition we show international films in their original language with German or English subtitles.

Except for international documentaries, which are shown in the Dokufilmzeit in Kaufbeuren, all genres are represented.

In 2015 Filmzeit International was held for the first time in Kaufbeuren. In order to provide an appropriate stage for the increasing number of films from abroad, in 2020 the competition has moved to Kempten, the largest city in the Allgäu region.

Three jurors from the film industry, with at least one international participant, award the Filmzeit International prize. They can also award commendations. In addition, an audience prize is awarded.


Winning entries 2022 »

Jury 2022

Mattia Bricalli

The Italian director, cinematographer and screenwriter has worked on many short films and promotional videos. Together with Nicola Bonetti, he made his first feature film in 2018/19, the comedy HUMAN REVOLUTION.

Since 2021 he has been co-directing the short film festival "Ferrara Film Corto Festival Ambiente è Musica" with Eugenio Squarcia. Music and the environment are the leitmotifs of the competition, creating a link to the great global challenges of our time. For both artistic directors, the environment is like music that moves between harmony and disharmony.

Photo © Valerio Pazzi

Kay Hoffmann

The film historian and publicist was head of research at the Haus des Dokumentarfilms (HDF) in Stuttgart. After cultural studies at the University of Marburg, Dr Kay Hoffmann helped organise conferences as well as film and TV festivals, from the Berlinale to INPUT and NaturVision.

From 2017 to 2020, he was a research assistant at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in the French-German Interreg project RhInédits and was responsible for setting up the Kinemathek Oberrhein.

He is a jury member at the German Film and Media Rating (FBW) and at various film festivals. In addition, he has published numerous books and articles in film magazines.

Photo © Günher Ahner

Aliaksei Paluyan

The Belarusian director and screenwriter was the jury winner at Filmzeit International in 2020 with his short film LAKE OF HAPPINESS. The film won numerous other awards, was nominated for the 33rd European Film Awards in the Short Film category and longlisted for the Oscars 2021.

After studying at the State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics in Belarus, Aliaksei Paluyan moved to Germany in 2012 and studied visual communication with a focus on film and television at the Kunstakademie Kassel.

His films presented at international film festivals raise personal impressions from his home country to the level of universal relevance. This is also the case with the documentary COURAGE, which he will present as part of Filmzeit on 14 October 2022.

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