with the kind support of the LIONS CLUB KAUFBEUREN

We are delighted to be organising a programme for primary school children in Kaufbeuren again after 2019 – for the first time in cooperation with the oldest short film festival in Bavaria, the Bamberger Kurzfilmtage.

Children are the cinema-goers of tomorrow, and we want to enthuse them for cinema culture. We offer a variety of topics suitable for the target group in a colourful mix of live-action and animated films.

After the screening, we invite them to an exchange of views and the young audience can vote for their favourite film.

Award winning film »



Animation, CH 2021, 6 min

A featherless nightingale sings for the inhabitants of the forest. One day, a storm comes up and the little bird is stunned. Can the other animals make it sing again?

Director/Screenplay/Editing/Animation: Oana Lacroix
Production: Nadasdy Film, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse


Animation, DE 2021, 4 min

An orangutan in the zoo reminisces about life in the jungle. A little girl and her dad stroll by. A few coincidences turn things upside down.

Director/Screenplay: Ulf Grenzer
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF


Animation, DE 2020, 8 min

The lives of four polar hares are suddenly turned upside down when they discover an alien creature.

Director: Milen Vitanov
Screenplay: Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova

Prädikat „besonders wertvoll".


Animation, DE 2021, 10 min

A dog is in love. As a sign of his affection, he puts a turd in front of his chosen one's door day after day. Soon a crisis in their relationship threatens.

Directors: Jule Körperich, Karin Demuth
Screenplay: Gregor Hennig
Production: Jule Körperich
Editing: Markus Colic


Feature film, DE 2021, 10 min

Confined to their hot flat, two sisters dream up adventures their lost cuddly penguin is probably having in the outside world.

Director/Screenwriter/Editing: Florinda Frisardi
Production: Daria Wichmann, Cecilia Trautvetter; Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
Camera: Faraz Fesharaki
Cast: Bianca Bösche, Lika Bösche, Anna Bösche, Heinz Jürgen Kuhne, Olivia Molino, David Molino


Animation, DE 2020, 2 min

Ranksy, a street art rat, discovers a rooftop party during his evening foray.

Director/Cinematographer/Editing: Uli Seis
Screenplay: Uli Seis, Alice von Gwinner
Production: Mitmalfilm UG (Leipzig)
Music: Maximilian Zwiener


Feature film, DE 2021, 8 min

It's Edgar's birthday, actually the best day of the year. But Edgar is sad. Even on his birthday, his parents are glued to their smartphones. Instead of going to school, he goes into the forest.

Director/Producer: Pauline Kortmann
Animation: Pauline Kortmann, Ulf Grenzer, Maxi Alker, Milen Vitanov, Jost Althoff

Goldener Spatz 2021


Feature film, DE 2021, 7 min

Mario and Yunus are chasing a real terrorist. Pumped up with adrenaline and energy drinks, the friends will stop at nothing. They have to put a stop to the villain. But what happens when the evil eye hits them?

Director/Screenplay: Linus Krebs
Cast: Momo Ramadan, Jonas Renzing, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Tanju Bilir, Prince Kuhlmann, Burak Yigit, Susana AbdulMajid, Oliver Schönfeld, Arne Prill

Goldener Spatz 2022

Audience award Kinderfilmzeit 2022


Animation, DE 2020, 6 min

A girl lives in a red world. By chance, she discovers that there are other colours too which she has never seen before.

Director/Screenplay/Cinematographer/Animation: Chen Yang

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