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Musikfilmzeit in Immenstadt

Documentaries and biopics about famous musicians and bands, feature films dealing with music and dance, as well as musicals like La La Land have been very popular in recent years.

This trend can also be traced in short films. So we have created a special competition, "Musikfilmzeit", which celebrated its premiere 2020 in Immenstadt.

The competition combines all genres and shows German as well as international productions. Except for the restriction to music and dance, this makes the competition very close to the diverse mix of the first festival editions.

The jury of three includes a filmmaker and a musician. In addition to the jury's prize and commendations, an audience prize is awarded.

Award-winning films in 2022 »

Jury 2022

Wilhelm Keitel

Shaped by Leonard Bernstein and Seiji Ozawa as mentors and teachers, he has conquered the world as a conductor. He has worked at numerous opera houses, from Paris to London, Milan, Istanbul, Budapest and Stockholm to Odessa.

Wilhelm Keitel currently works closely with the choir and orchestra of the Odessa Opera and Odessa Philharmonic. He also works across genres with pop and rock musicians, the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra and many others, has published books on Mozart and Rossini and has founded his own festivals.

Photo © Ernst Hermann

Christian Klandt

The director studied at the Babelsberg Film University. He worked as a programmer and projectionist at Berlin's Filmrauschpalast and was a co-founder of Berlin's Theaterdiscounter, where he later also directed.

For his first feature film WELTSTADT, Christian Klandt received enthusiastic reviews as well as international awards – including the "Zenith d'argents" of the Montreal World Film Festival 2008.

His latest feature film LEIF IN CONCERT – VOL. 2 premiered at the Filmfest München in 2019, where it won the award for best production. He received the Bavarian Television Award in 2020 for the miniseries WIR SIND JETZT.

Photo © Mike Auerbach

Eugenio Squarcia

The graphic designer and creative director is a conceptual artist and musician who plays with analogue and digital instruments and mixes different genres from modern classical music to experimental electronics.

He works for the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, amongst others, and develops the design for various art events in Europe, Asia and Canada.

In 2021, he was offered the artistic direction of the short film festival "Ferrara Film Corto Festival Ambiente è Musica" together with his colleague Mattia Bricalli. The two advocate a paradigm shift, for a new world and a new music.

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