BURONALE Video art

The filmzeit shows video art at the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren

The original idea was to mix video art as well as experimental films with other genres and show them on the big screen. But after a few festival editions it was clear that video art doesn't always work that way. Various video installations in public spaces and arcades followed. In 2014, the collaboration with the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren began with an exhibition by the internationally renowned artist Christoph Brech. The following year, it continued with the Swiss artist Gabriella Gerosa at the Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren. Since 2016, the BURONALE has been present at the Stadtmuseum every other year, except for the pandemic year 2020.

The BURONALE video artist in 2022 is Vanessa Hafenbrädl.

The Bavarian artist lives at the upper Bavarian lake Ammersee and is often presented at international exhibtions. She was last seen in Kaufbeuren with WIRWIRWIR at "Kaufbeuren leuchtet" in November 2021.

This production, dedicated to Kaufbeuren, will be given a new stage in the museum. From 9 September until the end of the festival on 16 October, the work will be on view in an adapted version at the Stadtmuseum Kaufbeuren. The exhibition will be accompanied by events and talks on the artwork.

In this work, Vanessa Hafenbrädl combines historical portraits with current film footage of Kaufbeuren citizens and brings both into dialogue in the broadest sense. She is primarily concerned with encounters, communication and social competence:

  • What can we learn from history?
  • How can strangeness be transformed into familiarity?
  • How can dialogue emerge from differences, how can we find a common ground?

Questions that are more important than ever!

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