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Feature film, DE 2021, 23 min

Ghostly, the temporarily decommissioned cruise ships lie in Hamburg harbour. A young man comes into town and waits on the banks of the Elbe for a message.

Director/Screenplay: Marian Freistühler
Production: Ohne Falsch Film
Cinematography: Julian Gillmann, Lukas Treudler
Cast: Pavlo Dalakishvili, Marian Freistühler, Nils Timm


Animation, CH 2020, 4 min

Berta still has a lot to do before she feels she has lived. Among other things, she has to milk a cow, dance off like a lunatic, always speak her own mind and travel on a cargo ship.

Director/Animation: Christina Benz
Screenplay/Voice-over: Judith Keller
Music: Nicole Johänntgen
Production: Marco Leisi (THE BAND)
Co-production: Gabriela Bloch (SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen)


Romantic comedy, DE 2021, 17 min

Lucy lives alone and loves reading cookbooks. Because she considers a young man in the tenement rather cute, she has started ordering things she doesn't really need.

Director: Marleen Valien
Screenplay: Marleen Valien, Max Rauer, Ludwig Meck, Christine Duttlinger
Production: Ludwig Meck, Christine Duttlinger, Markus Krojer, Lotta Schmelzer (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)
Cinematography: Max Rauer
Cast: Deniz Orta, Merlin Rose, Joshua Jaco Seelenbinder


Graduation film, CH 2021, 6 min

Oscar is late. In the skyscrapers that surround him, people are already shaking hands and signing contracts. He really doesn't need the snail under his shoe right now.

Director/Screenplay: Jan-David Bolt
Editing: Lars Mulle
Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste


Feature film, DE 2022, 26 min

Ava and Sascha live and work together in their pub STÖRENFRIEDA. When Ava's father shows up unexpectedly and calmly announces, that he needs to stay for a few weeks, their relationship starts to crack.

Director: Alina Yklymova
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Screenplay: Lisa Brunke
Cast: Katharina Abel, Massiamy Diaby, Thomas Krutmann

World premiere at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2022
Best Film Award at the Bundesfestival Junger Film
» Innovation award of the jury

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