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LES LARMES DE LA SEINE (The Seine’s Tears)

Animation, FR 2021, 9 min, OmU/en

17 October 1961: In Paris, Algerians protest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police prefecture. Although the demonstration is peaceful, the police retaliate harshly. At least 200 people die.

Directors: Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur
Script: Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard
Editing: Yanis Belaid
Animation: Eliott Benard, Philippine Singer, Alice Letailleur
Music: Ibrahim Maalouf, Pierre-Antoine Naline, Luis Galceran
Sound design: Lisa Vicente
Audio mixing: Thomas Rouvillain
Production: Pôle 3D

Student Academy Award 2022


Comedy, FR 2021, 21 min, OmU/en

For the first time in her life, Sonia wants to go on a summer trip with friends. But her mother uses the money she hopes to get to buy a Jacuzzi. So Sonia and her friends come up with a plan …

Director/Script: Hélène and Marie Rosselet-Ruiz
Production: Vagabundo Films
Cast: Mahia Zrouki, Saadia Bentaïeb, Amine Khalil, Camille Léon-Fucien, Soriba Dabo, Tobias Nuytten, Marie Berto


Animation, DE/BG 2020, 13 min, EnU/de

Can an algorithm programmed by men bring a female gaze to the art scene? The AI Aiva, young, beautiful and immensely creative, reports from her studio.

Director/Script/Animation/Editing: Veneta Androva
Music: Nadia D'Alò, Benedikt Frey
Voice: Vivienne Pettitt


Feature film, LB 2022, 17 min, OmU/de

Zeina and her father visit a flat that he bought and renovated for her. Generational conflict against the backdrop of the explosion disaster in Beirut in 2020.

Director/Script/Production: Matthieu Haag
Camera: Rachel Aoun
Editing: Cécile Guillard Jubeau
Cast: Rita Hayek, Camille Salameh

Germany premiere


Feature film, SG 2020, 18 min, EnU/en

In the days leading to the annual mid-autumn-festival celebrations, 10-year-old Samuel is on an almost impossible mission. Will he manage to carry out his ambitious plan? Time is running out …

Writer/Director: Mathias Choo
Producer: Peh Jia Qi
Director of Photography: Vanessa Tan
Editor: Wong King Lam
Cast: Isaac Loong Zen Yu, Karen Tan Bee Lin

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