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Wed. 12. October 17:00 Immenstadt Musik 01
Thu. 13. October 20:00 Immenstadt Musik 01


Animation, DE 2022, 11 min, OmU/en

The retired Hong Kong couple, Long and Sophie, are amateur singers. While Sophie arrives early at her performance and gets herself prepared, Long is caught up in the subway by an unexpected circumstance …

Director/screenplay/animation: Jessica Poon
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Jessica Poon
Lyrics/music: Siu-tung Poon
Singers: Long, Sophie, Christine, Jade


Musical, BR 2021, 20 min, OmU/en

A delivery man dreams of having a motorcycle. He was told that everything would be like in a musical film.

Director/Writer: Leonardo Martinelli
Producers: Ayssa Yamaguti Norek, Leonardo Martinelli, Rafael Teixeira
Music: Ayssa Yamaguti Norek, Carol Maia, José Miguel Brasil, Leonardo Martinelli
Choreography: Soraya Bastos
Cast: Dennis Pinheiro, Silvero Pereira


Feature film, CH 2021, 5 min, De and EnU/de

The morning after a wild party, David and Oscar discover that their room-mate Robin is still dancing. What the heck is going on?

Director/Screenplay: Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola
Production: Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Production management: Filippo Bonacci
Cast: Mario Fuchs, Julian Laybourne, Vladko Minoli, Robin Pellanda


Documentary, SE/IR 2021, 24 min, OmU/en

Young people from Tehran record everyday sounds in the city and rap to their recordings. Both is illegal. The documentary follows the musicians for 24 hours.

Director: Knutte Wester
Production: Felicia Bergh (Iris Film)
Editing: Jesper Osmund
Music/Camera: artists who need to stay anonymous

Optical Sound Short Film Award 2022 at Flatpack festival, Birmingham

FESTIN EN CAPSULE (Encapsulated Feast)

Animation, CA 2021, 21 min, without dialogue

A man checks in at a hotel at the end of the day, then walks into a few bistros and bars where he eats and drinks to excess. He then returns to the hotel where he falls asleep and dreams tumultuously.

Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Artistic director: Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
Music/Sound: Louis-François Richard, Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
Sound mix: Guillaume Richard

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