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Documentary, FR 2021, 34 min, OmU/en

While France is under lockdown, Weijia Ma rushes to China, where she is forced to quarantine. The director has turned this surreal experience into a filmed diary, with humour, creativity and a touch of romantic comedy.

Director/Director of Photography/Editing: Weijia Ma
Production: Damien Megherbi, Justin Pechberty (Les Valseurs)
Sound: Benjamin Lecuyer


Animadoc (Animated Documentary), DE 2021, 5 min

Elaborate drawings illustrate a young man's account of his addiction. By the visual transformation of the protagonist his story gains a universal validity.

Directors/Animation: Emily Ufken, Alexander Conrads
Screenplay: Alexander Conrads
Drawings: Emily Ufken

“Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll”


Documentary, HU/BE/PT/FI 2020, 20 min, OmU/de

The film examines the intertwining of life and death in an unusual relationship between a young woman and her crows.

Director/Script/Editing: Hanna Hovitie
Production: Hanna Hovitie, Daniel Donato, Patricia D'Intino
Cinematography: Daniel Donato
Music/Sound: Bence Kovács-Vajda

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Documentary, DE 2022, 22 min

Hercules makes tea in the workshop, Jan gets the group's patch at the campfire, and Sidney gets a mohawk from his father. In their documentary, Felix Bartke and Nils Ramme investigate a cult of masculinity in Oberhausen.

Directors/Screenplay/Editing: Felix Bartke, Nils Ramme
Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Cinematography: Fabian Anger

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