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Documentary, GE 2021, 35 min, OmU/en

The story of the Georgian filmmaker's family, shaped by the disturbing centuries-old tradition of finding a bride through abduction.

Director: Tato Giligashvili


Feature film, FR 2022, 18 min, OmU/en

Odile – a textile worker – and her colleagues are expected to evaluate Tunisian young women at their workplace. Playing a zero-sum game for jobs they all need, there is no good solution, but Odile strives to make the right choice anyway.

Director/Script: Nicolas Panay
Director of Photography: Giovanni C. Lorusso
Cast: Laurence Côte, Sonia Emamzadeh, Baya Belal, Julia Leblanc-Lacoste, Marianne Thiéry, Christine Soulier

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Experimental, DE 2020, 16 min, OmU/de

Osman Kavala is an entrepreneur, patron and human rights activist. He has been in pre-trial detention in Europe's largest maximum security prison in Silivri since 1 November 2017.

Director: Adrian Figueroa
Concept: Tunçay Kulaoğlu
Art Director: Ceyda Yüceer
Producer: Çiğdem Mater
Director of Photography: Meryem Yavuz
VFX Artist: Claud Jehu
Music & Sound Design: Miguel Toro
Choreography: Kadir “Amigo” Memiş
Narrator: Mustafa Avkıran

“Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll”

CAMILLE ET MOI (Camille and Me)

Feature film, FR 2020, 18 min, OmU/en

Camille and Marie are in love. But everyone has something to say about their relationship. This fast-paced film about same-sex love with a lot of humour and lightness doesn't miss a beat.

Director/Screenplay/Cinematography: Marie Cogné
Production: Olivier Berlemont, Emilie Dubois (Origine Films)

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