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Essayistic Documentary, DE 2022, 23 min, De and EnU/en

Life, the Universe and Everything. A collage of different genres, locations and stories takes us on an inner and outer journey into nothingness and space.

Director/Screenplay: Jouri Hoepfner
Camera: Larius Kieninger
Music: Deadcrow, A.G. Cook, Schwäbisches Salonensemble
Sound: Jonathan Rösch
Production: Leon Harms (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg)

» Award of the Dokufilmzeit

LES ROSES ET LES BLEUS (Pink, Black and Blue)

Documentary, FR 2021, 23 min, OmU/en

Three female rugby players tell why their sport is important to them, even (or because) it is not considered a women's sport. Of course, they are confronted with many prejudices, and not all of them are wrong. ;-)

Director: Claudia Lopez Lucia
Production: Haiku Films


Documentary, DE/MM 2021, 13 min, without dialogue

A glimpse into the harsh realities of road construction work in remote eastern Myanmar – in a moment of relative peace. The work is taking place in an area that has repeatedly suffered at the hands of the military.

Director: Max Kerkhoff
Screenplay: Pascal Khoo Thwe
Production: Max Kerkhoff, Johannes Schmidt


Documentary, DE 2021, 21 min

On the first day of the Covid-19 Lockdown, the director's father has to go into hospital and dies. Mother and daughter mourn in the parental flat – connected to the outside world only by telephone.

Director/Screenplay/Produktion/Voiceover: Andrea Schramm
Cinematography: Sebastian Mez
Editing: Grete Jentzen
Sound designer: Michal Krajczok

“Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll”

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